The Values of Good Work

Reasonable Company is a values-led organization. For that to be real, the organizational values need to be clear, transparent, and public.

Here, find something a bit like Dieter Rams' 10 principles of good design, but in an earnest attempt to define the values of good work.

10 Values of Good Work

1. Good work is kind

Good work is never cruel, meant to be used in the service of cruetly, or indifferent to cruelty.

2. Good work is accessibile

Good work is accessible to as many people as possible. The benefits of good work must extend to everyone.

3. Good work is honest

Good work can explain itself clearly and honestly. If work cannot be honest, it cannot be good.

4. Good work is sustainable

Good work is sustainable for its creators, its contributors, its users, its community, and its planet.

5. Good work is durable

Good work is never fragile. Fragile work will be become inaccessible. Durable work can outlive its immediate circumstance. Durable work can be patient.

6. Good work is respectful

Good work respects the time, the privacy, and the humanity of its creators, its contributors, its users, its community.

7. Good work is familiar

Good work is built on understanding, so it is often familiar. Good work is rarely clever, it is novel only by necessity.

8. Good work is empowering

Good work empowers others to build upon it, to extend it, to find new uses for it. Good work understands that it cannot always understand itself and cannot understand all of its uses.

9. Good work gives itself away

Whenever possible, good work is free. Acessible work is accessible to everyone, not only those who can afford to pay for it.

10. Good work is reasonable

Good work is often moderate, but always reasonable. There are times when moderation is insuffient. Good work understands this and seeks reasonable solutions to difficult choices.